Nail Technician Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

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We are seeking skilled and creative Nail Technicians to join our team in Canada. As a Nail Technician, you will have the opportunity to showcase your talent and expertise in providing high-quality nail care services to clients. This position offers the added benefit of Visa Sponsorship, allowing qualified candidates from overseas to pursue their passion for nail artistry while experiencing the beauty and opportunities of living and working in Canada.

Job Details:

Company: Not Specified
Job Position: Nail Technician
Career Level: Mid Career
Job Type: Full Time
Min. Education: High School / Secondary
Gender: Female only
Min. Experience: 1-3 Years of Experience
Job Location: Across the Canada
Country: Canada
Salary: CAD 15.00 –  30.00 @ Hourly


  1. Nail Care Services: Offer a wide range of nail care services, including manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, nail art, and various nail treatments. Utilize your expertise to create beautiful and customized designs that meet the preferences and style of each client.
  2. Maintain a Clean and Sanitary Environment: Ensure that the nail salon area is clean, organized, and compliant with health and safety standards. Sterilize tools and equipment after each use to prevent infections and maintain a hygienic workspace.
  3. Client Consultation: Engage with clients to understand their nail care preferences and any specific requirements they may have. Provide professional recommendations on suitable nail treatments and designs based on the client’s preferences and nail health.
  4. Nail Product Knowledge: Stay updated with the latest nail products, trends, and techniques. Offer guidance to clients on nail care products and aftercare routines to prolong the life of their nail treatments.
  5. Nail Health Assessment: Assess the condition of clients’ nails and skin to identify any issues or concerns that may require special attention. Recommend appropriate treatments to improve the health and appearance of clients’ nails.
  6. Sales and Upselling: Promote nail care products and additional services to clients, aiming to enhance their overall experience and satisfaction. Demonstrate exceptional customer service skills to build loyal clientele.
  7. Time Management: Efficiently manage your schedule to accommodate multiple clients while maintaining the quality of your work and adhering to appointment times.


  1. Qualifications: Possess a valid Nail Technician license or relevant certification from a recognized institution. Prior work experience as a Nail Technician is highly desirable.
  2. Visa Sponsorship Eligibility: Candidates must be eligible for a work visa in Canada. Visa sponsorship will be provided to qualified candidates based on their skills and experience.
  3. Nail Artistry Skills: Showcase creativity and artistic flair in designing unique and stunning nail art. Stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in nail artistry.
  4. Sanitation Knowledge: Demonstrate a strong understanding of proper sanitation and sterilization practices to maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  5. Client-Focused: Possess excellent interpersonal skills and a friendly demeanor. Strive to provide exceptional customer service and create a positive experience for clients.
  6. Communication Skills: Proficiency in English or French, the official languages of Canada, is beneficial to effectively communicate with clients and colleagues.
  7. Professionalism: Present yourself in a professional manner and maintain a high level of integrity and ethical conduct while representing the salon.


  1. Visa Sponsorship: Qualified candidates will receive sponsorship for their work visa, enabling them to legally work in Canada.
  2. Competitive Compensation: Enjoy a competitive salary, along with opportunities for commission and tips based on the quality of your work and customer satisfaction.
  3. Professional Development: Participate in ongoing training and workshops to enhance your nail artistry skills and stay ahead of industry trends.
  4. Cultural Experience: Embrace the Canadian culture and explore its diverse landscapes and communities while pursuing your passion for nail care.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Join a dynamic beauty and salon community in Canada, connecting with fellow professionals and clients from various backgrounds.


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Job Category: Nail Technician
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Canada

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